Old Friends

We teamed up with Dr. Kyle Brown for a limited “PT Pack”

Transworld Skateboarding's Joe Pease put together this nice video of Walker talking about starting Old Friends with Chris. 

A collection of Walker's footage from NYC, filmed by Matt Schleyer and edited to the pleasant melodies of Color Me Badd. 

A short piece by Chris Loukides for Matt Mullet's "You Comply Me" capsule, featuring Chris and Matt doing what they do best. 

John Lupfer is back! And not afraid to casually rip for the iPhone. JL to a classic Naughty By Nature track? Nothing better. 

From the mind of David, Dave and Crave, directed by Nic Henry, shot by Walker and Cooper. We bring you: Craved

Nick Klein, Napa's finest, delivers a full part of smooth ripping. Filmed and edited by Chris Loukides.

Eric Lesar followed Walker around the Valley of Napa for an afternoon. Catch the cruise and enjoy.

Andrew Cole breaks down the process of making a Staveboard. 

Our first collab was with Spitfire? Yup! Video by Jeremy McNamara. 

Sebo and Walker hit the streets of Venice.

Ten years after their first skate trip out of the country, Walker and David join Kyle Brown again in Thailand, accompanied by Nick, Chris and Cody.

The Berrics features Walker talking about starting Old Friends for their first annual "Next New Wave" segment. 

Keychains made out of old decks? Old Friends provide, video by Chris Loukides.

Filmed on the iPhone with a hotshot handle and an ollo clip, Eric Lesar captures Walker and homies. 

All lines, all on the phone. Old Friends and friends. 

A recap of Walker's first year in San Diego, filmed and edited by Dana Shaw.